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Preguntas Frecuentes

1. What does a triple net lease (NNN) mean?

It is an agreement that is stipulated in the Lease, in which the lessee commits to pay to the lessor in addition to the value of the monthly rent plus the Value Added Tax (VAT), the property taxes, common maintenance expenses and property insurance for the property.

2. Equivalences between the English system and the metric system

3. What is VAT produced in a transaction of selling a property?

In the case of transactions of residential properties, the VAT is not generated for the buyer, it is generated only in the case of sale transactions of properties for industrial and commercial use, and is calculated solely on the value of the construction.

4. Requirements for the Lease Contract


  • Rent paid in advance
  • Deposit (at the signing of the contract)
  • Bond or Personal or Corporate Guarantor
  • Building and Liability Insurance

Documents required (Simple Copy):

  • The Company’s Incorporation Papers
  • Registration in the Public Registry
  • Inscription with Secretaría de Hacienda
  • Company’s Tax Licence
  • Name of Legal Representative
  • Power of attonrney (Just in case that this is not in the Charter)
  • Identification of legal representative
  • Guarantor’s Information (Name, Phone, Address)

If the Guarantor is an individual: Proof of address of Guarantor Id of Guarantor If the Guarantor is a Business Entity: Company’s Incorporation Name of Legal Representative Power of attorney (just in case it is not in the charter) Identification of the legal representative Proof od address of the company

  • 3 Trade References
  • 1 Bank reference  (Name of the Bank Executive, Bank and Telephone)

5. What does the roofing system KR-18?

A system made in base of a seam line between the roof sheets, which can be manufactured at the construction site or works, so that there are no limitations in their length, as they are manufactured in just one piece of trough to gutter, thus, avoiding the transverse overlap. Because of its hidden fastening system it is not required to perforate the sheet, thus providing excellent waterproofing. It can be used in roofing with little amount of sloping and allows the installation of insulating materials. The seaming is done on site with a portable machine.





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